8 types of informal spaces in Offices 3.0

In modern offices, new spaces, designed in 3.0 key, are becoming essential to accelerate innovation, by promoting more disruptive forms of work, breaking with routine, helping companies to be more competitive.

As I already mentioned in the previous post (see link), there are five general types of meeting rooms for companies with a well-implemented Collaborative Culture, but also, to promote this cultural change in a more complete way, one of the following Informal Spaces should be available:

1. such as the Relaxation Zones, enabling a Coffee area around every office space. Coffee time is understood as a relaxed coworking space inside and outside the office (these spaces are called #speakeasy).

2. Documentation areas (both physical and digital).

3. Take advantage of all the terraces, as great inspirational green areas. I think about turning green inward, not expelling it, but assuming it as a very beneficial element for life in the company.

4. or even amazing Game Zones, which have become so well known by the example of “Google” (see link).
And for companies with a high degree of CSR implementation (see link) in its usual development, it is necessary to have spaces that generate emotional bonding among workers.

And these spaces can be:

5. Physical training area, appreciated for allowing  its benefits adjusted to working hours, and often come together with good monthly fees.

6. Breastfeeding room, useful for the comfort and privacy.

7. Daycare, which benefits families and conciliation, developing a feeling of belonging of the workers to the larger company, due to its direct involvement in their family well-being.

8. Small Stores, which provide logistic resolution, on a small scale, very useful for offices away from the center.
There are offices that even have a laundry service.

All these spaces can be implemented in the Office thanks to the drastic reduction of cabinets and the considerable demand for interaction areas.

And in general, in very competitive sectors, the workspace of companies must be thoroughly studied, both from the location chosen to the design of the spaces, because it can be a great reason for hiring, assimilable to a job promotion or even a raise!

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