The advice of an Architect is key to the new Business Culture of Offices 3.0

When we receive a new order at the Architectural Office, the client may be attracted by 3.0 offices formats, because it is the new format for those who want innovative Offices, but it is necessary that the values ​​behind of 3.0 format are assumed as the base Culture of the Company.

And this entrepreneurial Culture, with an increasing tendency to be Collaborative, should be well assumed for the “technical needs program”, which is the list that summarizes all the spaces that will be needed in 5 years.
For us the solution lies in advising the Client, in order to guide through change.

Basically, Client should leave his comfort zone, to adequately project the needs of spaces and, therefore, this step does not start from an economic problem.

We understand, therefore, that good prior advice is required to prepare a good “needs program”, which defines properly all spaces that modern offices should contain (with or without quantification of the surface forecast) that will help achieve the objective so that those new offices are not obsolete right away, and above all, to amortize the investment of change and helping enjoy the working environment for many years.

A good example of a Company transformation to Collaborative Culture is Agbar Group (Suez), which has, to begin with, 52 meeting rooms:

Video of the construction process of the spaces of the new Agbar Building:

The new Building of the Architect Arata Isozaki, in Barcelona, of 16,000m2, is Agbar’s Headquarters, and consists of high-tech facilities, is highly functional, plays with the transversality of its use, and is avant-garde. It consists of large green areas and terraces equipped with wifi. The works lasted 7 months, and it has open-plan plants, flexible systems adaptable to the work flow, with technologically equipped modular structures (freecooling, fiber optics, and comprehensive security). And mainly enjoy 52 meeting rooms!

Video of opinions of Agbar workers and their perception of change and Business Culture:

Video of Agbar Spaces for Innovation:

The new CREA space is the meeting point for Innovation, of Agbar company, and consists of Documentation spaces (both physical and digital), Presentations, Brainstorming sessions, and Training Cycles (#Workshops, #Updates , #Masterclass, #Challenges, #Innolabs, etc.).

We encourage all those Directors who need new offices to let themselves be advised in order to make the change and enter the 21st century and the new Collaborative Culture! We all grow together!

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