Architecture, interior design and technical advice | Guday Terreros


Technical Advice

At Guday Terreros Arquitectura we base our contribution to the client in the technical advice based on quality and the direct involvement in each type of project through the "Design Thinking" method.


We develop:
- Architecture Projects: Preliminary Projects, Basic Projects, Executives Projects, Work Directions, Amounts and Budgets.
- Urban Planning Projects.
- Engineering projects.
- Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Projects: Report of the technical inspection (ITE), Demolition projects, Reform projects, and Rehabilitation projects.

We also develop Interior Design Projects.

On the other hand, our desire to advise and accompany our client leads us to complete all kinds of certificates, assessments, certificates of energy efficient consumption, certificate of habitability, and other documents in order to obtain Pertinent Licenses of Works, Licenses of Activities, or the End of Works Documents to register the constructions in the administration office.

Work Direction

We carry out the Control and the Management of the Execution of the Works, and we follow up throughout the process, always taking into account: the legal regulations, the technical needs of each Project, the need to minimize the Execution costs and the desire to maintain the quality of the Works until the end.

Project Management

We advise and guide the customer throughout the process.
We configure all types of planning in the projects in an integrated manner.

The experience and training of the team allows us to offer action plans to manage the risk, time, cost, and quality to maintain control and transparency throughout the projectual and constructive process, offering studies of viability and execution time plannings.